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Wellstar Clinic & Diagnostic is a neighbourhood clinic well equipped with all clinical and diagnostic facilities to serve the needs of the family while maintaining the quality and international standards.

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Lamaze class

Lamaze is a childbirth preparation method aimed at building confidence and teaching coping mechanisms for labor. The Lamaze method prepares women for a safe, healthy birth by providing current and evidence-based information. It builds confidence, teaches childbirth coping mechanisms, and essentially serves as an alternative to medical intervention.

Lamaze is popularly known for its rhythmic breathing exercises that reduce heart rate, anxiety, and pain perception during labor. They work because when breathing becomes a focus, other sensations (such as labor pain) move to the edge of your awareness. Conscious breathing is an especially useful labor tool because it keeps you and your baby well oxygenated, and it’s also easy to learn and use. And best of all, breathing is the one coping strategy that can’t be taken away from you—even if you’re stuck in bed attached to an electronic fetal monitor and intravenous fluids.

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